About Us

Our passion is to produce high quality designs for manufacture. Offering custom electronic circuit design and software development for your business, enabling your company to bring a quality product to market on time.

EmbeddedCDMX is a highly professional Full Service Electronic design house. We have the necessary skills and expertise to take either new product ideas or existing products already in the field and provide full design for manufacture and compliance. Our Engineers are skilled in High-Density Interconnect (HDI) PCB design, and can handle multi-layer PCB stackup techniques.

The following are key areas that EmbeddedCDMX can provide assistance:


  • Analog and Digital Circuit Design and Simulation
  • PCB Design (Multi-Layer HDI) (Design for EMC/FCC and other compliance requirements) Embedded Systems Design (Single Board Computer)
  • Prototyping
  • Fault Finding / Reverse Engineering
  • Embedded Firmware Development
  • 3D CAD Design
  • 3D Prototyping
  • CE/FCC Testing

EmbeddedCDMX prides itself in the ability to provide not just conceptual prototype designs to enable Minimal Viable Product for your Investors/Distributors to evaluate, but also fully manufactured products from start to finish. All this while keeping cost and time as low as possible without impairing quality.

Where compliance testing is required EmbeddedCDMX can also oversee the testing process and provide solutions to problems that may arise during these times.

So, whether you already have a product in development and need some expert assistance, or you have a product Idea that needs design. We are here to help!