Firmware Integration Technology (FIT)

Firmware Integration Technology (FIT)

Firmware Integration Technology (hereinafter “FIT”) is a completely new concept that emphasizes the simplification of embedding of peripheral function module drivers and improvement of portability between RX microcontrollers with the aim of lightening the burden of program development and software resource management in software development using the RX Family.

Features of FIT

FIT lays out clear rules for sample code (middleware and drivers) provided for RX Family devices as follows.

  • MCU initial settings
  • How to define a target board
  • File configuration
  • Names of functions
  • Common interface with user application

Conventionally, the above information has in many cases varied by sample code, so changes needed to be made to sample code when embedding into a user application. With FIT, there are rules for this information, so each sample code can be embedded into a user application with ease. Also, the peripheral function drivers and middleware which support FIT have a common interface with user applications. This makes it easy to port user applications when migrating between RX microcontrollers.

Configuration of FIT

FIT consists of a Board Support Package (BSP), peripheral function modules, middleware modules, and interface modules.

  • BSP: Module that performs initial MCU settings, clock settings, board settings, and so on
  • Peripheral function modules: Drivers that control the peripheral functions of a RX microcontroller
  • Middleware modules: Middleware function such as TCP/IP and file system
  • Interface modules: Common interfaces such as POSIX API