Kernel and Windows, Mac, Linux Driver Development Services

Kernel and Windows, Mac, Linux Driver Development Services

Kernel and Driver Development service is one of our prime competencies and a differentiating point for our outsourcing company. Clients hire our driver developers for advanced dedicated tasks and they form a key part of software development projects related to cybersecurity, virtualization, or system management.

Augment your team with experienced Windows, Linux, and Mac OS driver developers!

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Driver development for the most complex tasks

Each of our R&D teams includes driver programmers, usually with some specific background in file system driver development, system security utilities, or system monitoring driver creation, device driver development, etc. Additionally, we count on an independent Driver Development Team comprised of our top driver experts and kernel developers. They work closely with our specialized Driver Testing and QA Team.

Apriorit specialists apply Kernel and Driver technologies to complex tasks of all types such as:

  • File system management
  • System behavior change
  • System monitoring
  • Device management
  • Backup and restore
  • Virtualization

Our drivers work at all levels: user mode, kernel mode, and down to the system bootloader level.

Kernel and Driver development projects can be challenging due to numerous architectural and system communication nuances. With years of experience, in-house developed utilities and SDKs, time-proven techniques and a vast knowledge base, our team will save you time and costs by reducing time-to-market for your ideas. Thanks to the Apriorit outsourcing model, our driver development services have beneficial rates and savings will be noted on the overall project cost due to the inclusion of basic testing and management services.

Finding a proper team for your low-level and driver development tasks can be long and costly. Consider an Apriorit team!

Our driver programming experience

Our Kernel and Driver developers will provide you with the technical magic needed to solve the most complicated system, network, and data management tasks.

Take a look at the list of drivers we are developing:

  • System monitoring drivers: Registry | Process | Service | I/O calls | Clipboard | etc.
  • Virtual device drivers: Display | Printer |USB | I/O Devices
  • Virtual disk driver and Virtual file system driver
  • File system filter drivers incl. File system minifilter drivers
  • Network Drivers
  • Device access management via driver solutions
  • Process | Service | File Hiding
  • Kernel Mode Hook
  • Running System Patch
  • All-level System Hook Detection | Set | Remove
  • System Bootloader Customization

Kernel and driver programming techniques, standards, and tips make up a large part of Apriorit’s knowledge database. We have an intensive training process for junior specialists, and in-depth knowledge of common peculiarities, undocumented features, and architectural nuances.